Welcome to the Haunted History Tour 2017

This year, We, the staff of the Haunted History Tour would like to extend our deepest apologies to you , our guests and our charities. We regret to announce that after a solid 10 year run, this year we will be unable to run our show. We are truly sorry.

A "perfect storm" of events has left us without key people that we depend on. We will not operate in a condition that would disappoint our guests or cause our staff to work in undesirable or unsafe conditions.

We hope that you, our guest, understand how much this pains us and that you will continue to support our charities.

We will get through this and are already planning our 2018 season. Please show us how much our effort to put this show on means to you and make plans to be here next year.

Thank you from the staff and friends of the Haunted History Tour.


We are located at 830 Serenade St NW Palm Bay Florida 32907

The price is $5.00

We are a family friendly haunted house that donates each night’s proceeds directly to several local outreach programs that help support children, veterans and adults.

All of our cast and crew members are volunteers who donate their time and energy to create a wonderful haunted house for children and adults of all ages to enjoy.

The Haunted History Tour is a guided tour featuring scenes from such classics as Frankenstein's laboratory, Indiana Jones and Calypso's shack from Pirates of the Caribbean just to mention a few.

If you have small children, or are just too afraid to enter the Haunted History Tour in the dark, we offer Lights On tours and No Scare tours. These tours are available to any guest that asks for them.

The entire tour is also wheel chair friendly and handicapped accessible.

It will be a howling good time!

For more information

Email us at hhtpalmbay@gmail.com

or call us at (321) 745-0961

Please join us at The Haunted History Tour and help support our beneficiaries.